Photographed by Morlene Fisher


Sometimes I like to write about shows, books, movies and podcasts.

Welcome to the Reviews section – the heart and soul of unfiltered opinions and unabashed critiques.

If you’re A fellow explorer of the cultural cosmos, get ready to dive into a dimension where theatre, exhibitions, TV series, and podcasts collide in a kaleidoscope of narratives.

Mostly decisions on what to view, attend or participate in entertainment/cultural pursuits are via recommendation from someone I know or through reading reviews. I know how important reviews are, but like most things in life, reviews are subjective; it all depends on what YOU like.

In my review section, I delve into things that I like doing. Still, occasionally people send me stuff to review or send me to events so that I can give my opinion on what I see and hear. If you want me to review a play, event, or piece of gear even, let me know by getting in touch.