Travel Diaries

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to some pretty epic destinations over the years and in this section, I’ve written about my experience of the places, the people, the food, the culture and of course a taste of the location in pictures. I hope that you find the stories engaging, and where possible, any tips and strategies that may be included, helpful.

For the longest time, I’ve documented my travels in journals. You can always find me with books and pens in every bag, often sitting at the end of the day making notes about significant smells, tastes or vistas, anything that captures the essence of the place or space. If you have dreams of becoming a travel photographer or a travel writer, you will find some examples of what you can achieve, even if you’re just travelling for a week away.

In addition, don’t forget, that the point of travel writing and travel photography is to make people want to visit the place that you’re helping them to discover, so you can simply write about the area where you live. It’s quite possible to write compelling articles about the place where you live, the destination is key, can you help people decide whether they should go to the destination you’ve written about or photographed, if so, then you’re probably a travel journalist!

The first of these diaries begins with Jordan, which I visited in April 2023