Our last day in Jordan was a whirlwind tour of the River Jordan and to the final resting place of Moses, Mount Nebo. As we drove up and up towards the summit, picturesque views of the Dead Sea and the surrounding hillsides opened up almost as a precursor to the spectacular views you will see when you reach the top. The famed resting place of Moses, Mount Nebo, is a place of peaceful contemplation and natural beauty. On a clear day, you can see a view stretching across the Dead Sea and the hills of Jerusalem.

Moses is a person of importance in both Christian and Islamic faiths. He was the Israelite who was found and adopted by Pharaoh’s wife, and was the Phrophet who led the Israelites out of Egypt

The Brazen Serpent Monument, Mount Nebo

The Brazen Serpent Monument, Mount Nebo

We pulled up and stood for a minute to take in the view, even from the car park you can see for miles. After taking the obligatory selfies, we ventured into a quiet and peaceful space. There are plenty of public art installations and monuments and you will find information stations that explain the history of the place.

Entrance tickets to Mount Nebo are JOD 3 and can be purchase at the ticket office as you enter the site

Mount Nebo is a holy site of pilgrimage, not only the reported place where Moses is buried but also where he got to glimpse the promised land. After all his trials and tribulations, he would not set foot in the promised land for reasons that might seem harsh after all his hard work keeping control of the twelve tribes of Israel for 40 years. Over the centuries, people built monasteries and churches on the site to honour the prophet. Being within the confines of the place, you’ll notice how quiet everyone is, even on a day that is quite busy, you can choose the serenity of the church or just walk around the grounds.

Mount Nebo is not just a site significant to biblical history, though. The archaeological digs on the site have unearthed pottery and tools dating back quite a far, hinting at the life being lived here before the time of Moses.

Memorial of Moses, Christian holy site Mont Nebo

Memorial of Moses, Christian holy site Mont Nebo

As part of a protected nature reserve, Mount Nebo boasts rolling hills full of wildflowers and olive trees. Indeed, it is picturesque.

The Serpent Monument

Created by artist Gian Paola Fantoni, this monument symbolises the bronze serpent raised by Moses to protect and heal the Israelites and the cross on which Jesus was crucified. The work stands at the far edge of the mountain and was a magnet for people taking pictures.


Mount Nebo is on the Jordan’s Mosiac Trail if you’re interested in mosaics. This trail spans 220 kilometres and connects Mount Nebo, Madaba and other historical sites. Byzantine artisans created intricate and beautiful depictions of life, biblical scenes, and even winemaking in the region. They date back to the sixth century, offering visitors a glimpse into the lives of early Christians and are well worth seeing.

monument plaque

monument plaque


These are just some things to look out for when visiting Mount Nebo. I found the site peaceful and relaxing, but I must admit that after the excitement of places like Petra and Wadi Rum and the uniqueness of the River Jordan excursion, Mount Nebo wasn’t the most memorable draw for me, or maybe I was just tired.

Seeing it was great, and I’m glad I went, but it wouldn’t be top of my list to revisit on a return trip to Jordan.