“How was your holiday?” asked my colleague Sam. He’d just come back from two weeks trekking around Thailand. “If I start talking about it, I might never stop”, I responded, and so I began the tale of my five days of adventure in the spectacular land of Jordan.

Jordan, or more specifically Petra, has been on my bucket list ever since I found out that the magnificent edifice ( The Treasury) that you see at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was a real place. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located in southwest Jordan in Wadi Musa (the Valley of Moses) and is an ancient city carved out of sandstone.

Covid halted the trip that should have taken place in 2020 so when the opportunity to venture there arose again, I grabbed it with both hands and feet. We tagged on Wadi Rum and a visit to the Dead Sea for the obligatory mudding experience at the lowest point on our Planet, some 400 or so metres below sea level.

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