Standing with Giants

Standing with Giants

Let me say this I love this image. I didn’t remember it after a couple of hours wandering around the vast Kings Wood. I didn’t see it at first when downloading and reviewing the images later that day.

It was about a week later; when reviewing the shoot on my phone, I spotted it and let out an audible wow! The title was immediate, and if I manage to recreate it, this one will go into the portfolio for sure.

Read on to see my analysis of Standing with Giants

Standing with giants

Standing with giants (click to on image enlarge)

Deep shadow and near autumn colours

A good proportion of this image is in deep shadow with a splinter of sunlight emanating across the middle of the image, where a lone sapling is partially highlighted with a strip of sunlight.

Surrounding this sapling, which is centrally positioned within the frame, are large tree trunks, leading back in perspective to the point of convergence in the distance.

The canopy of leaves are visible towards this distant horizon, and the forest floor is covered with the red-brown detritus of fallen leaves and undergrowth.

The sun shines on all of us

The image reminds me that, even though we might be small, surrounded by people or objects or situations that are much greater, stronger or influential than we are, still the sun shines on us, and with the energy that it gives, we too can do more than survive, we can thrive.

What worked, what didn’t

I think this image would benefit from different framing. I would frame the shot in portrait instead of landscape orientation using a telephoto rather than a wide-angle lens.

In addition, at the time, I believed the tree stumps formed leading lines towards the sapling. However, discussing the image with other visual artists, the stumps proved to be more distracting due to their dark, almost black colour.

What works really well for me is the dappled sunlight and the position of the light on the sapling. The colours are rich; the natural greens, reds and browns sympathetically complement each other. I love the deep shadows, as I think they make the contrast stand out even more.


I will be out looking for this sapling to recreate the same image, but with the improvements mentioned above. When I do, I’ll be sure to signpost it

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