Margaret Soraya Being a Creative Introvert

Sean Tucker’s YouTube channel is a source of inspiration for photographers. In particular, I like his interviews with other photographers, and his recent film with Margaret Soraya is one example of highlighting the work and process of different creatives.

I am always searching for more female photographers, especially those who work in the landscape photography genre. In this film, Soraya takes us through her process, and how changing her environment enhanced her wellbeing and the work she produces.

Watch the interview below or on Sean’s YouTube channel.

Online spaces for Margaret’s Content

Margaret has a Podcast Creative Soundscapes with Margaret Soraya where she talks about wellbeing, inspiration and thoughts around creativity. I’ve just discovered her and will listen to episodes over the coming weeks.

Listen to Creative Soundscapes

Listen to Creative Soundscapes

You can also visit her website, where she has details of retreats that she runs, as well as her beautiful artwork.

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