Star Trek Voyager

I love Star Trek!

I love it in all its variations. I’ve watched all the episodes of every season of the original series and its spin-offs, except Star Trek Enterprise, which I can’t get with for some reason. I’ve seen all the movies, but I still have a couple of animated series to watch. I enjoy watching whole seasons repeatedly and eagerly anticipate new seasons as they’re announced.

One of the spin-offs I watch frequently is Star Trek Voyager (STV). In fact, I don’t need to actually watch it; I can simply listen to the dialogue and the images replay in my mind.

The exploits of Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew of explorers are compelling. They were stranded in the Delta Quadrant, 70,000 light years away from home, by a powerful entity that died before sending them back. As a result, the crew of Voyager must make a journey home that will take 70 years.

Along the way, they battle many alien cultures, including the Hirogen, the Kazon and the dreaded Borg. The episodes where they are doing battle with these cultures are great. Still, the episodes exploring and resolving moral conflicts interest me the most.