This was a free write from a workshop I attended by Rewrite London back in Lockdown I

Stars in her eyes, stars fall from the sky
We don’t know when or where
They just appear bright in the sky
Then an explosion and all of a sudden
You see a thousand million glittery lights in the heavens
Descending as if showering us with dust that will ever linger in our mouths on our hair

It’s the dust of the angels, as they ride these glitter trails back and forth from their watch station to our earth
Where, we are day-by-day trundling along, muddied by our daily grind
Flopping wastefully not knowing that our time is nearly over
Our time nearly spent

The restless work of the immortal overlords
Whistling their morbid dirges as if mocking our every breath taken

Living, breathing, existing
Not knowing, not living, not breathing
Not relishing our god-given right to enjoy the bliss
To revel in the stars falling from the sky
With Angels riding on their tails