This was a five minute free write I did as part of a workshop by CreativeCousins

Seasons come and go
we mark them
we anticipate them
we relish them, sometimes
other seasons fill us with dread

there comes a time when we must change
and operate according to the season we’re in

our socialising changes, our clothes are altered, we eat more, we eat less
all according to the convention that is laid down for us

experience teaches us that we cannot stay the same,
we must evolve, otherwise we simply go around in circles
new seasons bring challenges, but opportunities abound as well
if we decide we’re up for seeing them

don’t be afraid of the newness
work with it, find your feet, find your center
find a way to make it work for you
bring the noise,
bring the real you
because, the only thing that doesn’t change is that you’re here