Kingsgate Bay, Broadstairs

Kingsgate Bay, Broadstairs

Our weather has been a lottery this summer, but we got a day filled with warmth and sunshine from beginning to end.

Today’s practice was using slow shutter speeds to create long exposure seascapes, smoothing out water and clouds and making something interesting that used elements that dot this area of coastline.

Of particular interest, the eroded cliff/sea caves that you can walk around when the tide is out, the wind turbines out to sea, and the impressive Kingsgate Castle situated on one of the outcrops. I believe this was once a fort that has been converted into luxury apartments. What a view they must have!

This beach is quieter than the neighbouring Botany and Joss Bay’s. Indeed, a good sunset location depends on the season. I can also imagine attempting sunrise when the tide is out through the Kingsgate Arch.


I have yet to choose a standout image from today’s shoot at Kingsgate Bay. I think I was able to capture the long exposure effect I wanted with the water as the wind was strong enough to create some great waves; however, I think the clouds are too puffy almost to create a coherent feel with the movement, as can be seen in this image

Kingsgate Bay Beach Long exposure


This location is one to come back to during the year and at different times of the day for sure. Although it’s not big, the beach area at high tide is about 150m long, but when it’s out, there’s plenty of space to operate without disturbing day trippers.

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